Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thankful for Christmas Break

Wow, Christmas break could not come at a better time. Although I had time off to be with my husband I am feeling drained. In fact, I'm feeling like I should change my career. I have never felt so underappreciated. It's such a strange feeling, but as a teacher you would think you would get a Christmas greeting or thank you, etc. but this year is the first year I felt a little jipped by my students. I was speaking with a friend who is also a teacher and she informed me that that's the reason she no longer bought her students presents. I had not realized that fifth grade was such a difference. In third grade I felt so appreciated by my students and their parents. Anyhow, this year, not so much.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Back to School...Back to School....

After over a week of vacation and hanging out with my husband, who is home on leave, I went back to school today. It was good. My "Yeller" has been officially unenrolled in my class and was taken out under police custody and cuffed in handcuffs. What a sight. It's really taken too long for this to happen, but hopefully where he is going they will be able to rehabilitate him. Two things stand out in my mind from today. Actually, two conversations.

1. "Mrs. Jones, are we ever going to meet your husband?" Student asked.
"Yes, you'll probably see him tonight at the Christmas concert. Why?" Mrs. Jones replied.
"Well, he must be a cool guy if you wanted to marry him," Students responds.

2. "Mrs. Jones, will you promise me something?" Student asks.
Mrs. Jones hesitantly replies,"Let me decide, what?"
Student begs, "Don't get pregnant and have a baby. Then you'll have to leave us again like Mrs. _____ did to her class. I don't think I can handle a sub again."

It was a pretty funny day today. I must admit I like this class so much. Although they have their moments where they drive me a little crazy and overwhelm me with their lack of know-how, they are such loving and wonderful students. I can only imagine how amazing they might be when they grow up.

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