Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Getting High Tech....

It has been a long time since I have blogged. So here goes--

I've gained and lost a lot of students, but I'm finally settling in on 21 students. AHHH...what a wonderful number. 20 or 22 would be better, then we'd be even. Now I have to be someones buddy or hope that if someone is absent, it's an odd number gone.

The Smart Board technology has been so much fun to use, and at the same time overwhelming. I'm wishing I had more time in the day to prepare lessons and use it for every subject, but I've haven't had enough time. I'm thinking that next year will be easier because I can accumulate lessons over the summer. Geez....teachers never stop working!

I've gotten more technology since then. GOSH AM I LUCKY! Our whole fifth grade just received IPod Touches! It is really so fabulous. I have to spend a lot of time for class on it though. I have class for the IPods and the Smart Board. I'm really glad, it's been enlightening, and draining at the same time. I'm learning a lot and have discovered that I want to get my masters in Technology. I LOVE TECHNOLOGY! It excites me! It makes me interested in what I'm doing. It gets me a LITTLE crazy. Or maybe A LOT? I'm learning so much and it makes me feel like my brain is exploding with information. I like that. But most of all, it helps me reach my students. My students are so excited that they have been behaving soooo great! With the exception of one incident today at the end of the day, they have been doing great. It makes me happy to think that a little machine the size of my hand is capable of so much good. =)

Today a student from another class told me in awe, "Mrs. Jones, your class is so high tech." He continued to tell me the differences between his class and my class and it made me laugh. I love technology. My students love technology. And this visitor in my class could tell just HOW much I love technology, and I LOVE THAT. =D I hope that one day all classes can be "high tech" and full of resources that will get kids even more excited about learning and help teach them the skills they will need in the 21st Century.

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