Thursday, June 17, 2010

Entheos Academy

I have been reading information about Entheos, a school I've applied at, and just finished reading their vision statement. It's almost embarrassing to admit, but as I was reading my eyes welled with tears. YES, it is true. But how could I not when I completely agree with the statement. I found myself nodding in agreement and screaming a mental, "Hallelujah!" At one point I jumped out of my chair, ran upstairs, and told my husband about what I was reading. He's thrilled that I am so excited about a particular school, and I can barely contain my excitement that they are interested in me. =))

I like that this school is an Epeditionary Learning school because the more I read about what that is, I'm finding that it is the type of learning that I encourage and the type of place I have been searching for. =D

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